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NEW SUBSCRIBERS: Start my Delphine Rising Series for FREE by clicking the button below! Read my Prequel, Winds of Change (Delphine Rising Book 0.5) and meet Abby. Find out where it all began... A fun-loving witch, having the time of her life, until tragedy strikes... Watch as her life descends into chaos. 

Explore lifelong friendship, new love and the evil that threatens to tear them apart.

Read The Hybrid Coven for FREE on Kindle Unlimited

The Hybrid Coven is FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

The Hybrid Coven is a spin-off of my Delphine Rising series but can be read first.

1. Marked by a Vampire

2. Mated by Magic

3. Touched by a Vampire (Standalone) e-book release 4/18/18 with Shadows and Stars Anthology.

My writing roots


Living in Kentucky as a retired Navy Chief and former political writer, Angela left the political world for the things that dreams are made of: books! She began her journey by reading whatever she could get her hands on, then became a beta reader and also edited books on the side for wonderfully talented authors. 

She wouldn't be writing today if not for the encouragement and support of her fellow authors who took her under their wing.

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Welcome to my world of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy with a touch of romance!

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