The Delphine Rising Series

Winds of Change Prequel to (Delphine Rising Book 0.5)

Witches, Vampires, Ghosts, Magic, Hybrids, Darkness

 At the age of twenty-one, Abigail Blanque is a fun-loving, naive, and carefree witch, having the time of her life, partying and hunting rogue vampires for the Hybrid Coven. That is until she learns of a murderous stalker who’s been watching her every move.

After two witches are murdered, all signs point to Abby being the next victim. In a dangerous turn of events, Abby’s life descends into chaos and she must summon an extraordinary power she never knew she had in order to fight a dark evil that wants her dead. Abby knows her life is about to change.

Darkness is coming… 

Raging Inferno (Delphine Rising Book 1)

Witches, Vampires, Demons, Thriller, Suspense, Hybrids, Ghosts

 Two years have passed since Abigail Blanque’s life was changed forever. After suffering a great loss, she fed into her darkness and pain, killing every rogue vampire within her reach.

Abby finds herself marked by an evil ancestor hell-bent on returning from her talisman-encased prison. She needs Abby’s soul in order to rise again. Meanwhile, something sinister is happening in New Orleans. An unidentified dark force is taking over hybrids and other supernaturals, but no one knows who’s bringing the malevolent black magic forth and it’s set its sights on Abby.

It’s a race against time and it’s up to Abby, her sister Elizabeth, and trusted friends to stop this evil before it wreaks havoc within the city.

The Darkness has been awakened 

Magic Unleashed (Delphine Rising Book 2)

Witches, Vampires, Demons, Blood Witch, Evil, Ghosts, Magic, Hybrids, Thriller, Suspense

 Just when Abby and her family think things are finally turning around, Delphine has the last laugh—literally. With enemies new and old coming out of the woodwork, it’s hard to know who’s friend or foe. Abby and Liz become trapped in a merry-go-round of illusions while Delphine becomes stronger. Abby, along with her family and friends, must find and secure the talisman before it’s too late. Witches are disappearing and rogue vampires have been possessed like never before. Abby must find the power deep within her soul to fight against this new and dangerous enemy. It’s every man or woman for themselves in this nail-biting, action-packed sequel that will leave you desperate to know what happens next. 

Magic Revealed (Delphine Rising Book 3)

Witches, vampires, ghosts, demons, angels, death, blood, thriller, suspense, hybrids

COMING SOON--> Delphine is on the loose and it's up to Abby, her friends and family to stop her before she steals the soul of every witch in New Orleans, ultimately creating an unstoppable immortal more powerful than any witches' coven.

Lives will be lost, and blood will run the streets of New Orleans. Who will be left standing when the embodiment of evil seems to be on the winning side? Sacrifices will be made, and relationships will be tested in this explosive finale of Delphine Rising. 

Darkness Has Risen...